How Brokers Can Refer Second Draw PPP Loans to Liberty SBF - SBA PPP Loan

How Brokers Can Refer Second Draw PPP Loans to Liberty SBF

If your borrower needs a first or second Paycheck Protection Program loan (PPP2), refer to Liberty SBF and earn a fee. Liberty SBF is accepting applications for individual or portfolio PPP2 loans on behalf of qualified U.S. small businesses.

Congress has approved $285 billion to provide an additional round of relief funds for small businesses through Paycheck Protection Program loans. In the last round, Liberty SBF facilitated over 3,200 loans in the sum of more than $350 million in PPP funding.

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Liberty SBF Approved Paycheck Protection Program Lender

As an approved PPP direct lender, Liberty SBF has unveiled a new online portal to streamline the process for referral sources to efficiently submit PPP2 loan applications for the second draw of small business Coronavirus relief for their clients.

Current referral partners are already telling Liberty SBF that their clients are all understandably anxious while waiting for the new round of funding. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to stifle the wider economy and small business owners desperately need this capital to maintain payroll and protect their future and their employees’ jobs. They do not want to miss out.

Liberty SBF has been a trusted referral resource for commercial real estate loan brokers, property agents, and other lenders that need to provide their small business customers with timely and necessary financing for over a decade.

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PPP2 Rules

Paycheck Protection Program Rules are still being finalized, but here is what we can tell you so far about the new loan:

  • The relief bill includes $285 billion in additional funds for PPP lending
  • First-time borrowers as well as those who received PPP loans in the first rounds are both eligible
  • Once again, the loans will be on a “first-come, first-served” basis

Right now, the Liberty SBF team is focused on PPP Loans and has ramped up back-office support and production capability to process as many applications as needed and service all our customers as quickly as possible. Liberty SBF expects to process thousands of applications a day, at no cost to borrowers, to ensure they are ready to close without delay as soon as the new PPP loan program is ready to fund.

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