Step By Step Guide To Filling and Submitting PPP Loan - SBA PPP Loan

How to Submit Your PPP Loan to Liberty SBF Step-by-Step

How to register and submit PPP loan in 2021

These video tutorials will guide you through the process of submitting a Paycheck Protection Loan to Liberty SBF. Click each chapter below to watch the video section to learn more about the process of applying to a PPP Loan and uploading your supporting documentation. You can also download our quick reference guide (PDF) here with step-by-step instructions on how to submit a PPP Loan through Liberty SBF’s secure online portal.

Step 1: How to Register for the PPP Loan Portal

Step 2: Prior PPP Loan Info (If Applicable)

Step 3: Applicant Information

Step 4: SBA Qualification Questions & Loan Request

Step 5: Business Ownership Information

Step 6: Supporting Document Uploads